Dangerous Golf hasn't yet met sales expectations


Indie golf game Dangerous Golf hasn’t yet met its sales expectations, developer Three Fields Entertainment has said.

The game’s performance was discussed by creative director Alex Ward in an interview with UK website Console Obsession, where he was asked whether the destructive golf game had met the team’s sale projections.

“No, not yet,” Ward explained. “We pooled our life savings to start our studio and to start making games. We’re a 100% player supported Studio. Every copy sold directly supports our 11 person development team. The money goes to the people who actually make the game. So a big thank you to everyone who has bought our work so far!”

Dangerous Golf launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC to mixed reviews in June, prompting Three Fields to release a major new update earlier this month addressing numerous issues, including faster restarts, a new control system and a new tutorial video.

Dangerous Golf screenshot

The game won’t continue to evolve over time, however, due to the size of the development team and its budget, Ward says.

“As we said earlier, we’re a small indie team,” he explained earlier in the interview. “Tiny by comparison to almost all other teams operating on the platforms we develop for. We’ve always listened to feedback and our customers and we all take that really seriously. Whilst we’d love to be able to add more levels to the game – the reality is that we just can’t afford to do so.”

Dangerous Golf is available digitally on Xbox One and PC now for £14.99, and has been reduced to £9.99 on PS4 until August 3. PS Plus members can also get it slightly cheaper for £8.49.

Three Fields plans for its next game to be a spiritual successor to Burnout 3.

Source: consoleob.com

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