Destiny 2 beta: Here's everything you need to know


The Destiny 2 beta is almost here. You can find out how long the wait we’ll be with our guide to when you can play the Destiny 2 beta, and until then, you can check out all the stuff that’s on the way in this handy preview video from YouTuber Arekkz. And if you don’t have time to watch it, I’ve broken down the five most important points below.

Destiny 2 beta classes

 You can play as all three classes in the Destiny 2 beta, though you’ll have to start out with a pre-made character instead of customizing your own. And you’ll only have access to one subclass for each: shield-summoning Sentinel Titans (think glowing purple Captain America), staff-fighting Arcstrider Hunters (what’s not to like about electric kung fu), and flame-sword swinging Dawnblade Warlocks (whose blades fire out big burning swathes of destruction). 

Destiny 2 beta’s story mission

The Destiny 2 beta only comes with one story mission: Homecoming, the very first mission you’ll play in the full game. You’ll get to witness the fall of The Last City at the oversized hands (flippers?) of the Cabal’s Red Legion and fight alongside old friends in the Vanguard like Cayde-6.

Destiny 2 beta’s Strike

Once you’re done with Homecoming you can try out The Inverted Spire, a three-player co-operative Strike mission set on the world of Nessus. Your team (which you can fill out with friends or find via matchmaking) will fight through Cabal and Vex forces on the way to a multi-stage boss battle.

The Crucible

Try out Destiny 2’s new 4v4 competitive multiplayer setup in two modes: Control, a capture-and-defend mode that returns from the previous game; and Countdown, a Counter-Strike inspired mode with no respawning (just revives) where one team must set explosives and the other team must disarm them.

The Farm

Destiny 2’s new social space, The Farm, will be inaccessible for most of the beta. But for just an hour on the beta’s last day, you can come check it out and dance your cares away with your fellow guardians. The Farm will open up at 10 am PDT and 6 pm BST on Sunday, July 23.

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