News: Destiny 2 is introducing Bounties soon with some notable changes


Bungie has confirmed that Bounties will be making a comeback in Destiny 2 slightly earlier than anticipated, with the feature arriving as part of this week’s latest title update.

Bounties were a staple feature in the original Destiny, and involved you completing various tasks out in the field. It was nothing too fancy,  but completing them gave you a heap of XP as a reward, helping you level up quicker.

Apparently, Bungie gave them the elbow for Destiny 2 as it didn’t want to give players too many ‘chores,’ but later realised its mistake. 

‘In retrospect, we realized that was an over-correction, and optional daily objectives to achieve specific goals are something we want to restore,’ said the developer.

However, Destiny 2’s Bounties will make a few subtle changes. For one, they’ll expire after a certain amount of time has passed, encouraging you to finish them sooner rather than later. They will also require your Guardian part with some hard-earned Glimmer to take them on in the first place, too.

Elsewhere, Destiny update 1.2.3. will reduce the number of Heroic Strike modifiers, which had been a perennial pain in the arse for some players. For example, Blackout has been tweaked so that it now increases the amount of damage dealt with melee attacks. 

Grounded is another modifier that has received some poking and prodding from the Destiny 2 team:

‘There are many times players are considered “airborne” when they’re not actually jumping,’ commented Bungie’s Drew Martineau. ‘To account for that, we are reducing the damage threshold so players aren’t punished for things outside of their control.’

Destiny 2’s next major DLC is Forsaken, which will introduce a wealth of fresh content including a new PvP mode, Breakthrough, additional weapons and exotics, Daily Heroic Story missions, plus a new PvE/PvP mashup known as Gambit. 

Oh, it’s also killing off Cayde-6 for some reason or another.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is due out for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on September 4.

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