News: Metal Gear Survive's EULA forbids politics, romance


Just in case you fancied using Metal Gear Survive as an alternate to Tinder, you’re out of luck. The game’s End User Licence Agreement (EULA) apparently emphatically states that you are not allowed to start a relationship through Survive, nor are you permitted to indulge in any political-based shenanigans such as a pre-election campaigning. Using the game. Somehow. 

No, we’re not making this up; according to Matt Paprocki on Twitter, Konami explicitly mentions these things in the agreement, which you can see for yourself in the image below.

Matt says it isn’t an edit, and that the whole thing is ‘filled with very specific actions you can’t do’. To be fair, though, it’s not like anyone really reads all of an EULA, so maybe all games forbid you from forming relationships or political campaigning.

 Metal Gear Survive is out on PS4, PC and Xbox One on February 22 2018, but is out today in North America and Japan.

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