News: New game by Street Fighter EX developer launches in 2018


Arika, the developer known for its work on the Street Fighter EX series of games, has announced a new game. The Mysterious Fighting Game (title tbd) has been announced for release on the PS4 in 2018, with a beta coming at the end of 2017.

The YouTube description of the trailer notes that, ‘ARIKA has decided to begin development on a PlayStation 4 version of “Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Undecided)” and make a public announcement on the final day of EVO2017. This game will be the newest entry in the EX Series’. So there you have it, a new game based on the EX series, featuring characters from the EX series such as Kairi, Shirase, Garuda, Skullomania and Darunmister. ,Darunmister fights with a very strange crotch-thrust-focussed juggle attack, it really needs to be seen to be believed.

Earlier this year a short teaser was released and the fighting game community responded very positively to the news, but at the time was said to be an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke.

Arika even wrote in the description that it was all one big joke, noting the game was ‘ not being officially considered for release at this stage. So even if you contact the official ARIKA Corporation, there is nothing you can do at this time’. But sometimes even jokes have more substance than we realise, this ‘joke’ is now being turned into a game. 

You can check out the trailer below.

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