News: Resident Evil 2's RPD featured in new Dying Light mod


Techland’s brilliant zombie apocalypse-’em-up Dying Light is a ripe breeding ground for user-created mods, and this latest effort plucks inspiration from one of the most celebrated horror games of all time: Resident Evil 2.

‘Calamar’ is currently a work-in-progress but offers an unmistakable recreation of Resi 2’s Raccoon Police Department and surrounding undead-infested streets, including the basketball court and overturned semi-truck. Those of you who own the PC version of Dying Light can download the mod here and launch it by selecting Custom Maps.

The Raccoon Police Department is the first major area that players visit in Resi 2, and makes up the bulk of the first half of the game. It features three floors and a basement section, which house the precinct’s morgue, power room, and underground parking garage among other highlights. 

Dying Light was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in January 2015, and is still receiving fresh content after all this time. Capcom is currently working on a Resident Evil 2 Remake, although we’ve seen nothing outside of a logo since its announcement nearly three years ago.

Check out the Resident Evil 2 mod below.

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