News: Sea of Thieves human cannonball stunt breaks a world record


Sea of Thieves publisher Microsoft has brought out the big guns (quite literally) in marketing its upcoming pirating adventure by shooting a man out of a huge cannon — and breaking a world record in the process.

The gaming giant yesterday teamed up with David ‘The Bullet’ Smith, a renowned stuntman, in an attempt to smash the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Distance Travelled as a Human Cannonball. Sure enough, Smith was fired from a 34-foot-long cannon dubbed the Xbox Pirate Blaster that saw him go to from 0-60 mph in one-fifth of a second. His efforts paid off, as he set a new world record

Known as the ‘highest flying human cannonball in the world today,’ Smith earned his nickname from 11 years worth of experience, packing over 5000 stunts during his illustrious career. 

Sea of Thieves is due out on PC and Xbox One on March 20, and Microsoft will be running a treasure hunting competition to coincide with the game’s release that sees participants solving riddles to locate a batch of golden bananas worth £20,000 each. 

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