News: The Nintendo Switch is getting its own Battle Royale game


Black Riddles Studio has announced a crowdfunding campaign for a Nintendo Switch version of its third person shooter Crazy Justice. Players will take control of a hero who has to activate tesla coils hidden around the world in order to save its inhabitants from the invading forces of evil. The cel-shaded steampunk game will also bring the popular Battle Royale style of multiplayer to the Nintendo Switch, for the very first time. Everyone’s going to do this mode now aren’t they?

The game features a similar artstyle to Fortnite, at least environment-wise. The similarities don’t stop there though, and the game will feature destructible environments, deployable turrets, and the ability to build barricades and walls. Black Riddles is also working on implementing split-screen and motion control support for the Switch version of the game.

The campaign in Crazy Justice will be playable in solo and cooperative modes. The meat of the game will be focused on the multiplayer, and there’ll be a number of multiplayer modes including the likes of Survive, Survive the Tesla, Protect the Tesla (the coil not the car), and the recently announced Battle Royale. Make of that what you will. Crazy Justice is looking pretty interesting to be fair, and the developer is even planning on incorporating cross-play into the game’s multiplayer.

Crazy Justice is currently in development and Black Riddles is raising funds for the Switch release on Fig. It’s asking for $30,000, and with seven days left it’s already gone past the $20,000 mark.

Crazy Justice will be released in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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