News: Windjammers tosses out an August release for PS4 and PSVita


Windjammers, the self-professed ‘best arcade fighting frisbee game ever made‘, and obviously it’s up against a lot of stiff competition for that title, finally has a release date for PS4 and PSVita, that being August 29. 

So, what is Windjammers? Think of it as a sprite-based, colour-frenzied, over-the-top, Ultimate Frisbee on steroids and you’re there. Despite not being a critical hit on it’s initial release in arcades in 1994, the game has garnered a bit of a cult status in the years after. Windjammers France, a particularly enthusiastic community, also helped by contributing to the development process of the new release, ensuring that the game was an arcade-perfect port. 

Windjammers is, on paper, quite a simple game. What actually follows is a game where lightning fast reactions are required to toss the frisbee back at your opponent in a frenzied game. With the addition of online play, Windjammers looks to be the definitive edition of the cult-classic, updated for the modern era.

Windjammers is due to release on the PS4 and PSVita on August 29.

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