It looks like new Pokémon Meltan can only be caught in Pokémon Go and can evolve


The mystery surrounding new Pokmon Meltan has been somewhat lifted, as new videos shared on the official Pokmon channel hint the Pokmon may be able to evolve, is attracted by an ancient box, and can only be caught in Pokmon Go. Phew.

Right, let’s start with the evolution news. Towards the end of the first information video, a group of Meltans (who appear to be having a nice nap) suddenly transform into a much bigger creature. We only see the shadow, but this glimpse alone is enough to tell us there’s more to Meltan than meets the eye.

Pokmon Reddit must be going into meltdown right about now.

Given the video shows a group of Meltans before the transformation process begins, a fair guess would be that Meltan’s evolutionary process requires catching multiple Meltans. It could be similar to generation 6 and 7 Pokmon Zygarde, which requires players collect Zygarde Cores and Cells to create types of Zygarde Pokmon.

A second video shared today also gave us more information on catching Meltan, although in typical Pokmon style, it’s pretty cryptic. Delivered by comedy duo Professor Willow and Professor Oak, the video reveals that real Meltans (not Dittos) can be attracted by opening a mysterious ancient box when standing in nature. On opening the box, many Meltans appear – but only for a limited time.

Thankfully, all was explained in a press release. Apparently players will receive items when they send Pokmon from Pokmon Go to Pokmon Let’s Go. The first time this happens, players will receive the “mystery box” and will be able to catch the hex nut Pokmon for a limited period of time – what appears to be 30 minutes, judging by the official artwork. After another (unknown) period of waiting, players will be able to open the box again if they send another Pokmon from Pokmon Go to Let’s Go.

Interestingly, it sounds like Meltans can only be caught in Pokmon Go, and then transferred to Let’s Go. This would make Meltan the first Pokmon which is exclusively catchable in Pokmon Go.

Here is the box in Pokmon Go. Kind of looks like a toaster.

In recent weeks, the Meltans appearing in Pokmon Go had been transforming back into Dittos when caught – making life difficult for trainers wanting to complete their Pokdexes. It seems like the mystery box will finally allow trainers to catch the elusive critters.

To find out more about our favourite “nutboi” Pokmon, make sure to check out our Meltan guide.

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