Nintendo's next smartphone game is a big surprise


Nintendo has announced a surprise new addition to its smartphone game release schedule: Dragalia Lost.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar… well, it shouldn’t. Dragalia Lost is a new action role-playing game co-developed with Japanese developer Cygames, of which Nintendo has bought a small stake. Artwork for the game shows a colourful, anime style.

Little else is known about the smartphone RPG, except that it will arrive at some point this summer. There’s been no mention of whether the game will be a paid release or free-to-play.

Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s other upcoming smartphone release, sounds like it will arrive afterwards, but still in 2018.

Dragalia Lost will mark the first time Nintendo has debuted a new franchise on smartphones. Earlier releases have all been tied to existing ideas or franchises: Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Here’s hoping Dragalia Lost’s microtransactions aren’t quite as greedy.

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