Pokémon Go has a new Kanto event


Pokmon Go will celebrate the Kanto region – home to the original Pokmon Red, Blue and Yellow games – in its latest event.

Kanto is home to the original generation of 151 Pokmon, which will spawn in much greater numbers within Pokmon Go for a week starting tomorrow, from 11th to 18th April.

In particular, Pokmon Red and Blue starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will be easier to find.

Gen 1 beasties Snorlax and Aerodactyl will be available to battle and catch in raids.

And finally, you’ll get double candy when catching and transferring.

The game’s shop will offer special boxes with raid passes through the event.

Behind the scenes, fans have spotted a number of new shiny versions being added to the game’s files. Is now the time for shiny Pidgey to be released? I very much hope so.

Pokmon Go recently introduced an excellent quest system of tasks and missions – including its first storyline, to find and catch the mythical Pokmon Mew. One of the final tasks in the Mew questline (spoilers!) is to have earned a Gold Kanto badge (by registering 100 Kanto creatures in your Pokdex). This event should help any new players who still haven’t nabbed that.

With Mew now available in-game, all of the Kanto Pokdex is now catchable. After seven generations and different locations, the original Kanto region remains most fans’ favourite. It sure would be nice to see it in a full Pokmon game again! Our Pokmon Go Kanto Week guide has all the nitty-gritty details and advice, if you’re after it.

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