Pokémon Go will introduce Mew via all-new quest system


Pokmon Go will introduce Mew, its first Mythical Pokmon, via an all-new quests system.

Daily quests will see you collecting Field Research by undertaking regular activities within the game – catching Pokmon, winning gym battles and defeating raid bosses. Seven days’ worth of daily quests will then unlock a Research Breakthrough, which offers in-game rewards.

These in-game rewards include items (Rare Candy, TMs and the like) as well as the chance to catch Pokmon – including Legendary Pokmon.

Then there are Special Research tasks, set by the game’s hunky Professor Willow, which sound like they will lead players towards Mew.

Screenshots released by developer Niantic show Willow greeting players and setting tasks to follow. There seems to be an eight-part quest named A Mythical Discovery which begins with you spinning PokStops, catching and transferring Pokmon.

This quest system was previously glimpsed within the game’s code by eagle-eyed fans – although it is the first time we’ve heard anything officially, or that it will lead to Mew.

Although there’s no word exactly how long it might take to unlock Mew, this system already feels a far fairer and more rewarding method of releasing Pokmon Go’s first Mythical creature than the current EX Raid system to battle Mewtwo.

The in-game quest system is set to go live later this week – just in time for the Easter holidays. UPDATE: 30th March is the start date, the official Pokmon Twitter account has just confirmed:

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