Twitch announces premium subscription models


Twitch is upping the ante in how much streamers can provide and how much their loyal viewers can offer.

Currently the standard subscription is $4.99, but over the next several weeks Twitch will roll out the beta for premium $9.99 and $24.99 subscriptions.

Initially offered to partnered content creators, these higher-tier services will allow subscribers access to exclusive emotes and help the streamer they’re supporting unlock new emotes faster. A $9.99 subscription will be worth two subscriber counts, while a $24.99 subscription will be worth six.

The new subscription options will also allow partnered streamers to send a custom message to their community.

Another feature coming to Twitch is the ability to gift a subscription to someone else. “We’re already working on it, and expect to start testing this within the next few months,” Twitch said of this impending option.

“As we build this program, our goal is to provide partnered streamers with a better way to earn a steady income and to give viewers more options to support streamers on Twitch,” the streaming service company said.

The beta for these premium subscriptions will launch “very soon”, according to Twitch’s FAQ.

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